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The QMS & the Tribal Nations Sovereignty Agreement

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The real Original Sovereigns have already declared World Peace – Sep 21st 2021 in The Declaration of The Returning Sovereigns.

The People have declared the restoration of Divine Law under our Creators Divine Domain – Sep 23rd 2021 via the People’s Alliance for Rule of Law, in acknowledgement of our People’s Peace Alliance and the only real Sovereignty here belonging to the 369 Original First Nations.

The People’s Treaty collective declared our Freedom Day here in all 369 Sovereign First Nations on Oct 13th 2021 after the complete cessation of claim to jurisdiction by all systems of corporate government, and law on this continent; Restoring power to the real Original Nations, the Inter-National Land Law Bora Courts, and The People as a matter of public and historic record.

Here in Kuarna and Ngadjuri Nations, our trusted Elders are in full support of our Housing Amnesty for humanity as part of our People’s Peace Alliance.

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