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The QMS & the Tribal Nations Sovereignty Agreement

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Affirmation of Sovereignty Agreement; Introduction While there are plenty that aer pro-constitution, is was created on a lie. Of the 3 million people estimated in the country at the time, only 300,000 got to vote. Land holders, merchants, government. Since then though, every referendum has ratified this and confirmed the Commonwealth of Australia Constitutional Act (1901). Yet, it is merely presumed that because your are born here, you agree to the terms and conditions of this contract with the Crown. You are considered a subject of the Queen and her possessions are the land, air and sea, which you may hold title of. Then there is the issue of arguing your rights and freedoms. There is no one document that can assist, rather a series of challenge historic actions. Where is your will and consent in all of this? After all the divine and natural law, is laid down and fix. The Law that governors and gives way to this existence, galaxies, stars & planets can not be broken, only bent. The natural law of this planet is not the same as on Mars or Pluto, but we are part of both the divine and natural law. Constitutions, Bill of Rights etc, this are artificial creations of mankind. This are rules of the law of nature - attempts to modify, limit our natural behaviour, as some of those actions are not nice to others. The constitution is a contract with the Crown. To many people are in support of the Crown, others dismissive of a republic due to UN, NWO activities. Even though these agenda's are carrying on, regardless of a Constitutional Monarch or Republic. Concept The Affirmation of Sovereignty Agreement is aimed at individuals, through their will & consent, agreeing to be their own sovereign authority, with a stake in the Queen's possession, not just title. An agreement that outlines the terms of it and the conditions, which would be common, civil and commercial rules of law. Written in a basic level so that a 12 year old, kids in year six, can comprehend it. Conclusion It's a choice. If you consent to the Affirmation of Sovereignty, it becomes a proof for you to use if you are challenge or you wish to challenge another, government or commercial entity. The terms will allow you to rescind it at anytime. If you don't wish to consent, you simple stay as a subject of the Queen under the current Statutes and Common Law arrangements. Simple. Thoughts?

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