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The QMS & the Tribal Nations Sovereignty Agreement

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Commonwealth of Australia Affirmation of Sovereignty Agreement. Draft Concept Introduction I am truly on the side of the Black Fellas now. Even though last year an elder fellow in Gladstone took me for $250. Before that, we did have great conversations. He was a stolen generation. They put him in a Religious Childs home. He knew the bible well. However, he didn't comprehend as much. So we'd weed up and philosophize and discuss the theosophy. From his knowledge of what the elders want. They want to have first say and have weight in decisions of Land Care. Instead of Local Councils as they are, the tribes would be absorbde as part. He said that we can still elect councilors and they can deal with the finance, but land care, waster disposal, they do it, as well as land rejuvenation. He felt that black fellas didn't have the mind for the money side and were bad with money. Yet so are the crooks in council, so we have to sort that out. If the local tribes act as a check in both the Federal Government system and local systems, this could prove to be functionally useful. Local Shires must be private. This is where people live and any government must be there on invite, not by force, extortion or threats to withhold funds. There needs to be local constitutions that outline the duties and responsibilities for local shire councils. In Ye Ol England, they had Witans that decided who the King will be. (Yes they elected Kings, the Lords did, as he was a peer). The King only had one power, to call for levies of Militia and resources to support protection efforts. Any refusal would be seen as treason. That was it though. The King was not an all powerful entity that it became under the Norman Franks and later inbreds. Indeed they didn't marry relatives back then. What we are dealing with is the Natural, which is us, either common or unique, like common rules or specific rules, common customs and traditions, specific customs and traditions, common values and virtues, specific values and virtues. These are how we are in Mind, Body and Spirit. This is the chaos of our kind. The food for the Mind, Body and Soul. We do not want same, same for everything. I like Rugby League, use to like Union. Others prefer different sports (which is part of the arts), others not at all. I enjoy the mongrel breed I am. Part Celt, part Anglo-Saxon, Part Greek/Phonecian/god 😆. The things we do want to be standard are government and commerce. Not standard in choice of benefit, service, good or asset, but standard and simple in delivery of and also comprehension of it. With government - there is no perfect system, but if we were to look at the last 1000 years in broad strokes, the last 100 years in more detail and the last 10 years in forensic detail, we could identify the people who have had the best quality of life, happiness, best, most cost effective protection by government. Also best direction, execution and observations of production, provisions, progress, prosperity and peace. Just pick the top 10 countries and how they have achieved high results. Then replicate. We want to keep what is natural, both common and specific, but link this with civics & commerce, two artificial concepts. "Render to Caesar what is Caesars, render to God what is gods" There need only be a simple set of Common Rules of Law. Rights must be addressed as part of civics and commerce. Thees rights must be written in a simple language, as a reference, a technical instruction. This is because while there are common accepted rights (whether government recognizes them or not), if we continue to allow renting of assets, vehicles, accommodation etc, people that tenant or use require civil and commercial rights, so as not to be assaulted or abused. Rights are more complex then the rules. This is where an Affirmation of Sovereignty Agreement comes in. We are agreeing to a Common set of rules. That limit the power of government if the anyone is accused of breaking these rules. See we can have tribal laws, religious laws, customaries laws, etc - so long as these practices do not breach the common rules we all agreed to. It is only then, if a complaint is made, a challenge can be taken. Gone are the days when a God, High Priest, Emperor, King, Politician or civil instrument decree what we can and cannot do. Gone is the presumption that you agreed to something, without your will and consent, just because you were born on a land that has a pre-established political, cultural or religious ideology. Your Free Will comes with your soul. It occupies the mind and connects the body to the spirit through the heart and the brain. You are gods, you are divine and you freedom to chose matters. It's just that, there are conditions with you choice. People are dismissing Common Law, but they are falling for the corruption that took place after King Henry II was advised to accept under the consent of King. When he did this, it made the Common Law system become part of the Kings Court. A court where the King and his advisors chose people to exist and provide duties to the King. The King would pay for official positions needed. So this is how they got hold of the judges and turned it into a Roman Civil Law system. A system of codes and lawyers. A judges final determination, not the juries. I witnessed this recently with the NSW Supreme Court Hazzard v Kassam. It was presented as a civil case, thus no jury. Yet the plaintiffs claim their rights were offended upon and they were harmed. Harming someone is a criminal offence, not a civil or commerce. The Common rules of law are as such; Cause no harm, injury or death (crimes) Cause no loss or property, damage, theft or fraud (misdemeanors) Keep the peace. (misdemeanors) Simples!!! These are indictable offences, meaning you can go to prison for them, in the past executed. The constitution provided for trial by jury because that is one of the pillars of Common Rights of Law - it was there before King Henry II's actions. King John followed a few generations later, which led to Magna Carta. Only two clauses exist today, the rest have been repealed. clauses 39:

“No free man shall be seized, imprisoned, dispossessed, outlawed, exiled or ruined in any way, nor in any way proceeded against, except by the lawful judgement of his peers and the law of the land. clause 40:

“To no one will we sell, to no one will we deny or delay right or justice.” # This last one is key today. Our current system is who pays wins. If you can afford the best barristers, pay of the judges, you win. Anyone that wants to return to natural law only, which the indigenous tribes had, and all of us one time, from beginning of time, need remember, in nature, violence is acceptable. We have evolved. We are not mere beasts. We are not monkey brains with the minds of our animal cousins. We can see natural law, in all its order and chaos. We can also see that natural law, for our kind, can and will lead to massive destructions - end of the world type stuff. It seems old Annunaki gods suffered this affliction too. The Sumerian tables refer to both nuclear destructive behaviours on their world, as well as earth. Many dismiss the tablets as myth and legend how many wars and conflicts since the war to end all wars (WW1) have we had? Vengeance is natural law. Chimps do it. Justice is better. More civil. Yes, Common Rules of Law and the rights are natural, as they were developed by us, from our mistakes. Yet, they have been codified by us, by Kings and Parliaments into civil tools, artificial, written on paper. The Affirmation of Sovereignty Agreement is a civil instrument that crosses over from the natural, from the common & specific into civics and commerce. It does this because it requires everyone at age of consent (16 years) to give their Will & Consent ongoing. It is not a one off civil act like a constitution. Indeed, it will be recognized in a Legal Statute, possible a referendum to add to the constitution as ANNEX A. You Will and Consent is both divine and natural. When you have learnt and comprehend the Affirmation of Sovereignty Agreement in school from age 12, it can then decide to consent to it or not.... Below is a very loose draft of what it may look like Commonwealth of Australia Affirmation of Sovereignty Agreement. I, [insert full name], give my Will and Consent to be a member of the Commonwealth of Australia. I affirm that I am sovereign and hold supreme and ultimate authority over me and my choices. I agree to the following common, civil and commercial rules and rights according to the law. Common Rules of Law Cause no harm, injury or death (crimes) Cause no loss or property, damage, theft or fraud (misdemeanors) Keep the peace. (misdemeanors) Civil Rights of Law Right to Trial by Jury for all accused offences (add all known & accepted including the international rights to date) Right to practices any customs and traditions subject to this agreement ........etc Commercial Rules & Rights [insert here] Signature, finger print, name, date, witnessed etc. That is it. Well it needs more detail and I need to figure out a more succinct way, because people do not read. They want short tweets - Make America Great again or BLM type stuff.

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