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Hi all wonderful group, very optimistic!

I do have a concern if anyone can help.

Re. challenging so called Health Orders. I wanted to ask if anyone has either had charges dropped or had a magistrate court case dismissed. I have a few avenues to explore it seems. I'm in NSW.

I've been looking at Know Your Rights, and they suggest a few constitutional avenues

  1. Challenge the justification, magistrate courts operate as a star chamber and are unlawful

  2. Do a Notice of Discovery for the proclamation to the ACT or Order in question. Aparently they are unconstitutional. Should be a proclamation by the Govenor.

  3. Ive seen evidence that the Local Government Act is unlawful this could immediately invalid the court

As there has been so much corruption and treason, any of these lines of attack could be met with ignorance and not allow them to be used. I could use common law, and advise that this still stands. Common Law Australia doesn't stand.

The Australia Act is unlawful and constitution 1901 stands. Common Law stands.

I have no experience in common law but If this could work is there anyone who could advise and support me? I have looked at Solutions Empowerment and A Worrior Calls who have provided material on common law, law of equity.

Thanks for your time,


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