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Good evening everyone.

Firstly, I would just like to convey my appreciation and respect for what I believe QMS stands for.

I have, for the most part of my life felt that something was terribly wrong with our society and the direction it has been going for far too long. Lately that feeling has manifested into an almost physical disgust and outrage, which has ignited my resolve to do something about it.

I believe to my absolute core that our human right to freedom and equality in all aspects of life should not only be well established but we should be far more down this path, if the lessons from the last century or so had been learnt.

I have some very strong views on the situation, but I think perhaps that is quite enough for my maiden voyage, as I have up until this post, resisted the urge to openly express myself. So thank you, I have finally found something that I think is worth fighting for.

Graham Turner
Georgie Wain
Steve Weatherburn


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