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There has been a lot going on in the background with the QMS, we have been working towards establishing a full and lawful jurisdiction through the Tribal Nations of Australia with the help of Peoples Treaty and the Northern Alliance for the Tribal Nations.

We are currently encouraging our membership to join with Peoples Treaty as well as the QMS so we can create full sovereignity on this land for every individual under their local tribe and eventually as a free Nation.

Please feel free to use our platform and to engage in the Peoples Voice to raise awareness of potential changes to or to crfeate new policies to better run and manage our country.

Please join our member groups where you feel you have an allignment or can lend expertise so we can begin testing the system to it's fullest capacity.

Download the Democracy APP from our downloads page to enable you to vote and be a part of the final decision as to which policies may go into effect once the QMS has a full and lawful jurisdiction.

We do hope you will engage and make possible a new and free country and eventually world by disengaging and removing your will from the current corporate and corrupt system.

Invite your friends and family to join us and lets create and build a better future for us all.


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