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The QMS, Removing Government Corruption Forever !

Together, working in unity the QMS Acknowledges the right of the Original Tribal Nations of Australia's National Sovereignty and endorses and is party to the Peoples Treaty in finding a lawful solution and standing to create Proper and Lawful Jurisdiction.


We are creating a new way forward using the Quantum Management System (QMS) in a direct democracy system and tool powered by the will of the people to create a heart based people-led, policy driven future – minus the politics and politicians. The QMS is a system that serves the People and helps manage the country without the need for government – one that is for the People not the Politicians or Super Rich.

We are everyday Australians from all walks of life with a passion to restore genuine democratic values and options and to create a heart-based and unified country – with a de-corporatized, decentralized society that is fully transparent and accountable to the People.

What we are building is a Direct Democracy Referendum-Based Policy Voting System that is incorruptible, secured in blockchain, encrypted and eventually is to be hosted in a simulated quantum computer environment. This system enables the People of the country to propose, engage with, test, measure, report on, vote on, improve and to implement proposed policy – if it is the Will of the People – for change and improvement in all important aspects of life in Australia.

The QMS is designed to replace the current Westminster system – where there will be no need for government and politicians to control and rule over the People because it will be the People who will be the ones who will manage and control the country themselves in a transparent, safe and educated way.

Imagine the cost savings alone and where those funds could be directed.

Want to know more? Then click here.

Join us now! Together we can make a difference to the lives of ALL Australians.

Restore your Sovereignty by simply becoming a member of the QMS.

All information collected on this site is used to build a demographic to enable us to build numbers to hold a referendum to replace the current system with this one, and with the permission and endorsement of the majority the Tribal Nations of Australia, which we are currently working with Peoples Treaty and Tribal Elders to achieve.

Your information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold or used for any reason other than to share information with you about the QMS.

It is possible to delete your account under account settings should you wish at any stage to remove yourself as a member or unsubscribe to our emails from this website.

We appreciate your love for your country and hope you will join our heart based community in good faith and with an openness to hearing and understanding others.

We don't need to agree on everything or even anything, we simply need to stand in our truths and unite for everyone and everything!

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