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QMS Website Terms and Conditions.

  1. Your personal information will be kept completely private and as secure as possible, only being used to improve the system, maintain the integrity of the membership, contact membership and the development the QMS system and concept.​
  2. Any attempts at hacking or any other security breaches of the QMS website, or of its members, will be investigated and      prosecuted (if warranted). We will not support any form of online threats, violence, destructive behaviours or acts of aggression towards any individual, persons, groups, corporations, businesses, organisations, governments, religions or political parties.3.
  3. Persons, politicians, spies, tyrants, corporations and advocates of government rule of any kind - including those attempting to create systems or policies of tyranny - will not be tolerated, and any such material shall be removed.
  4. Any illegal activities, or those advocating for such, will be reported to the relevant authorities. Actions and material bringing this website, and any persons associated with the QMS, into disrepute will be removed and the member prosecuted (if warranted).
  5. We're all in this together to help create a brand new connected and unified Australia., so please bear this in mind.
  6. Healthy debates are natural.However, ensure kindness so that everyone feels safe by treating everyone with respect and understanding.
  7. Being part of this online community requires mutual trust and personal integrity. Authentic, expressive discussions and ideas are encouraged, while remaining mindful and considerate in trying to understand all sides - as what may be acceptable to some may be sensitive and/or upsetting to others.
  8. If you have something to contribute, please do so. You do not need to ask our permission.
  9. Let's try to be the best version of ourselves when using this site and take note that bullying of any kind is not acceptable, as too degrading or offensive comments about such things as race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity cannot be tolerated.
  10. What's shared in the discussion groups, forums and chats is public information within a closed and private area of the QMS website. The creators and Steering Team bear no responsibility for the content or expressions of those using this website.
  11. All opinions, claims of expertise, remedies, suggestions and ideas posted on our website are sole intellectual property of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the QMS Author or members of the Steering Team and Supporting Team of Advisors and Experts. We encourage exercising your own due diligence, research and seeking of professional expert advice in all matters, at all times.
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