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The Quantum Management System Framework Proposal

By Graham Turner

From the Author

Thank you for your interest in the Quantum Management System which I propose we all use to run and to administer the functions of governance or government in our society.

As with any broad sketch of a system, there is a lot to explain.

When reading this document please try not to become bogged down in the details of how policies will be implemented and all of the logistics, we already have and would retain our public services who fulfil these functions, although now they would be directly accountable to the people.

I will outline below a few basic policies that will help keep the framework secure.

The purpose of this system is to act as a direct democracy based referendum system, to be used by the public to test, measure, then vote for or against and implement all of Australia’s future policies - in lieu of senates, senators and any politicians.




Unfortunately, although I am a proponent and advocate democracy, I have noticed several failings in the system.

  1. We only have a 2-party system.

Votes are traded and passed to either one of two parties only, this means that we can only ever have a liberal or labor government in Australia. Although other parties may be represented in the senate, if you or I do not align with either main party we are relying on the senate to override decisions that the larger parties make, which are often bargained for or traded for other policies or funding.


  2. Deals are cut in back rooms.

Policies and agreements are traded to enable other policies to be implemented, they are also often used to generate personal wealth or position.


  3. Currently there is no transparency or oversight, and we the people are lied to on a regular basis, often simply to push government agendas.

  4. The people are not represented by peers.

Most of the politicians are career-based politicians who have trained for the role at university and are connected through the schools they attend or come from friend or family connections with other politicians.

  5. Jobs are given to friends and family and not to the most qualified person to perform the tasks.


  6. Decisions are bandied around, and party lines are expected to be upheld, often negating the needs of the people of the country and delaying the decision-making process.

  7. Democracy is ineffective unless voters educate themselves on governing decisions.

A democracy allows an individual to cast a vote either directly or through a preferred representative on the issues that the government must manage. There is no direction as to how voters approach this responsibility. Although some people will educate themselves on each issue to offer an experienced opinion, there is no requirement to go through all of this work. Someone can turn in a ballot that is a straight-party ticket with no consideration about the individual views or needs.

“Democracy is the worst form of government,” warned Winston Churchill, “except for all of the others.”

  8. The structure of democracy depends upon the will of the majority.

History has taught us that the will of the majority is not always the ethical or moral position that one should take. We have dealt with issues like slavery, discrimination, and gender inequality in the past because the perspective of the those with the most votes say that society deserves to have those elements. If someone finds themselves outside of the will of the majority more often than not, then it will feel like their vote doesn’t really count for something.

“Majority rule only works if you’re also considering individual rights,” said Larry Flynt. “Because you can’t have five wolves and one sheep voting on what they should all be having for supper.”


  9. Democracy can encourage mob rule.

People are migrating toward neighborhoods, employment opportunities, and even relationships based on how comfortable they are around other people. The prevalence is to have neighbors and friends who have a like-minded perspective because there is a fear present in democracy of being wrong. No one wants to be stuck on the outside looking in when it comes to governing. Some states in the U.S. are even becoming polarized as families keep moving to stay within their comfort zone. Democracies encourage mob thinking because every election becomes an “us vs. them” edict.

“Remember,” Will Rogers reportedly warned, “democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”


  10. The cost of democracy is something that many people do not realize exists.

Democracy is one of the least cost-efficient forms of governing that exists today. The time and currency resources that are necessary to conduct an election can cost billions of dollars. Even a local election for city council, mayor, or a school board can cost six figures. The Presidential elections every four years in the United States are measured in the billions. Although it is useful to have the people to have power in their voice, their taxes are what are used to create that opportunity.


  11. Democracy requires more time to implement changes.

Centralized government structures can make declarations on rules, regulations, or responses that are not always possible in a democratic structure. Voting requires time to review the information provided by each election. That means processes slow down to the point where it can take several years to create significant changes. There may only be 1-2 legislative bills that come through in an entire session that go beyond the typical budgets, committees, and nominations that officials manage.

It even takes more time at the local level to make decisions with democracy because each referendum must go to the voters. Every decision is up for review potentially. That means there is always a certain level of uncertainty.


  12. The structure of a democracy is a person-first process.

Elections usually involve the opinions or thoughts of each person based on what individuals want for themselves. Instead of looking at what might be useful for the rest of society, most voters gauge what they put on their ballot based on what affects their checking account, taxes, or overall cost of living. It is a process which encourages everyone to put their needs before others.

When people are voting based on personal interests, then it creates discontent in society because it feels like the majority tries to suppress the minority. That is why there must be an emphasis on protecting the rights of those who find themselves on the outside.


  13. There is still the risk of creating a conflict of interest within the government.

Most people work to retain what they have after it is earned. That is why families keep making mortgage or rental payments, managers continue to reinforce their expertise, and politicians do their best to stay in power. Democracies put structures into place to limit the impact of one person on the overall society, but it was not always that way.

Franklin D. Roosevelt served in office from March 1933 to April 1945. He served as the 32nd President won a record four Presidential elections, becoming a central figure in the events that shaped the world during that time. His New Deal program was a direct response to the Great Depression. Now an amendment limits the number of terms that the executive branch can serve.


  14. Democratic governments follow the “a chicken in every pot” system.

Democracy does not require the same level of accountability if it is established in representative form. The goal of a politician is to receive the most votes. Once that person gets into office, there are fewer controls in place to recall that person if they do not accurately represent what their community wants. The only method to stop this in some countries is to vote in a different person during the next election.

Empty promises are common in direct democracies as well. When there is an incentive to offer everything without the requirement to fulfill your word, then you will see more lies than truth in the daily conversations about governing that occur.


  15. Gridlock occurs frequently in democratic structures.

There is no incentive for people to work together when another election can change the outcome in the future. The United States encountered this disadvantage when a Supreme Court opening occurred during the final year of President Obama’s term in office. Republicans in Congress refused to even hold hearings with his nominee because of the upcoming election, which President Trump eventually won.

When there is no incentive to work together, then partisan politics become the conversation of government. It is especially bad in two-party systems, but this disadvantage is present in all democracies as well.


  16. It can require individual voters to accept an entire mandate for a single issue.

Conservatives in the United States would argue that it is challenging to vote for the average Democrat because of their views on abortion. Liberals would make the same point when discussing LGBTQIA+ rights. Unless there is a direct democracy structure in place, voters must accept an entire manifesto to vote on the issues which are critical to their needs. Instead of having a candidate who truly represents them, they must pick the platform which is the closest to their stance.


I believe we need a referendum based direct democratic system to address many of the above issues, so I have created the QMS or Quantum Management System.

As an example, Switzerland, has a public referendum system already in place which is working very well with a high degree of public engagement and satisfaction.   More importantly, the Swiss people are able have more control over decisions made for the country and themselves.


The basic precept is that we do not require a government in the traditional sense to govern us.   We, the people will replace the politicians from the senate and the parliament, and we the people will voluntarily vote on each motion of interest that has been put forward by individual Australian people, provided each motion has passed several compatibility tests for the Australian Constitution and Australian Bill of Rights (to be established on implementation of system) and reached certain numbers of interest.  This will be done with checks and balances in the quantum management system and by independent voluntary boards, with many independent investigations carried out prior to being put forward to voters for the final vote.

When presented to the public, a summary of all outcomes both for and against must be fully represented to the public transparently by the boards and investigators, and this could also become a function of the media, although they must be mandated not to push any agendas. The media used for this of course would have to be fully independent and held to account.  

Without government coercion through financial or policy means, the media could become a way to present actual news and to explore and promote the nations requirements and desires and allow people to become informed as to proposed policy.

What the explanatory summaries and media releases should do is to cross check and present evidence and arguments for a yes or no vote, also showing how any new law, bill or change will likely affect the country, citizens, economy, law and other such laws bills etc.

You can vote for or against any motion as desired or you may choose to refrain from voting.


This will all be done using an open-source block chain software residing in a simulated quantum computer system that is essentially hack proof.  It will have several basic AI software packages operating within the constitutional framework and will be fed data and information by local councils, the military, the new legal system, boards of enquiry, commercial companies, experts in their own fields and the public.

The AI will be governed by rules and will not have real intelligence, it will learn but within a designed framework.

There will be several boards or even a new public service which would be appointed to oversee and maintain the system as well as to humanize any outcomes.

Further policies will likely need to be developed that need to be implemented to protect the integrity of the system and the voting public.


All eligible people over 18 in Australia will be able to vote or volunteer for positions of office in councils or on QMS organized boards. 

Foreign investors can only purchase land in Australia if they are moving here permanently to live on the land they purchase as their principal place of residence and provided they become a naturalized Australian Resident.

Eligibility, Visa arrangements and Residency arrangements can be discussed and settled once the system is fully implemented.


Attempting to hack into or disrupt or falsify the QMS system, any interference for any reasons other than development or repair with the QMS system will be treated as treason and will attract the death penalty.

The military is an arm of the people, it is maintained to serve and protect from foreign invasion, spying, acts of aggression, warfare and take over, it is never to be used against or to take up arms against the people of this country for any reason.

Anyone who is eligible to vote may propose changes to current laws.  Those proposals will be checked by the QMS to ensure that they sit with the terms of our Bill of Rights and Constitution and will go through several checks, tests, boards of inquiry and investigations prior to being presented back to the citizens to vote on.


All necessary portfolios will be offered to private people who will volunteer their time to perform the required functions.  In some cases, wages can be paid for time required to perform said functions if the role prevent or take time from that person’s normal form of income generation. Reasonable reimbursement of out- of- pocket expenses will of course be allowable. Otherwise only independent volunteers will be assigned portfolios.

To register expressions of interest to become a QMS committee volunteer can be accessed via the QMS website at, you will require a full resume including references and certificates of training and achievements etc and will currently need to sign an NDA and have a current working with children’s check.

When selected they would be investigated to ensure that they are the correct person to be on the board and that there are no domestic or foreign bodies influencing any of their decision making, to ensure there is no conflict of interest.

Everything is to be decided and implemented by the Australian people for the Australian people via internet access to the QMS Web site and the Democracy APP which can be downloaded at our website

Diplomatic requirements can be handled by a similar groups and boards and as these tasks may take more time and require travel etc., they may be paid by the system.

We will only use qualified people with experience in each task they perform, and they are removed for non-performance immediately if necessary.



The QMS system will manage all aspects of governance with complete human input and oversight.

Things like the economy would be overseen by economists and accountants and the new laws would be overseen by retrained judges and lawyers.

Building and infrastructure will be overseen by engineers and developers etc.

The military will operate as a part of the system but can and will only ever act independently of the system to protect the country from foreign attacks or take over, otherwise they will need any decisions to go to war or increase budgets etc. to be voted on by the public.

Police will operate through the councils and courts and will return to a serve and protect status rather than as is currently to “uphold the right” which has been used to uphold rights of those that govern us rather than the rights of the citizens.

The environment portfolio will be overseen by environmental scientists and forest rangers etc. etc.

There would be boards set up from the lists of qualified volunteers to oversee, and private industry will provide the tools, staff and resources as required to implement the changes.

The system will pay for any goods and services used from private industry and will actively support and assist the growth of all private industry sectors and companies.

All previous foreign investment will be rejected: all foreign investment land ownership will cease, and we the people will deny the debts to the IMF CCP US Federal Reserve and all others who have made illegal deals with prior elected representatives. Such contracts and agreements will be set aside on the basis that we the people did not and will not authorize or recognize unauthorized signatures as they were not actually representing the people of Australia.



We the people need to reject traditional political leadership as a concept as they were only ever elected representatives anyway and they have acted like they owned us and have caused too much damage to allow the current system to continue.  

It is time to dismantle and rebuild.

Ancient Greek Democracy had sound definition of democracy as 'power in the hands of the people' (and intricate systems in place that should be revived. Leadership was decided by lot and was rotated among all members of the polis, etc.) 

Today there are conflicts of interests, abuse of power by lobbyists, bribes, threats and international influence that have corrupted elected leaders and given them too much power in the traditional forms.

Using this concept means we will no longer have to pay corrupt politicians wages or pensions of those who did back room deals lining their own pockets and selling out our country.   There will be transparency and accountability instead. In fact, politics and politicians would no longer exist.

Anything in any country can be managed by the people; it always should have been.  In the past the politicians saw a need to create positions of power, which led to these people attempting to gain more power and financial gain rather than maintaining a responsibility and accountability to and for the people of the country.

Everything now must be done by the people for the people and with a national sense of pride and achievement.

We will redesign the health system, education system, legal systems, taxation system, aged care etc. to work only for the overall benefit of Australian society.

We can start with natural and common law and design a new Australian constitution and bill of rights which will then be voted on and amended by the registered voters.

Some resistance to the concept will arise due to the culture having become dependent, as many people want to lead or to be lead, but these people will eventually accept the new system and see its benefits. But they may initially feel insecure in it until they do.

As I see it this way we remain and retain our democratic capitalist society and ideals in a genuine sense, and we can avoid the entrapments of the NWO World Government and any global financial reset completely.


We request sovereign acknowledgement and approval through the indigenous tribal elders of our land.

We then run a Peoples Initiated Referendum and if successful our military will aid us to implement it.

We can also lawfully, constitutionally and peacefully create an alternate society under the QMS.

There are now also many other implementation plans: more of these will be put forward if enough people are interested in this concept and wish to help us promote it.

We now have the first version stage; we recognize the need to have the software further developed, we see this as a conceptual working model and is the first step to demonstrate what it is capable of to a wider audience and to let people test it and enable us to improve it.


There is still much to be done to set it up and I am only one man.  We have several others following what we are doing and in many cases working to develop the system including two software engineers, constitutional experts, lawyers and law experts, spiritual people, psychiatrists, teachers and educators, health professionals, natural and common law advocates, indigenous people and advocate’s, researchers, independent thinkers, and politically motivated people including politicians.

The concept of this system is now beyond a simple conceptual framework stage and is available to test on our website, now other people need to help in its final design and implementation stages.

We have shown the concept to many people in the freedom movement and in the general public and once they get a basic understanding of how it operates; we have received a great many positive comments; they like us, can see how it will give us freedom from political tyranny and corruption.

What I have put in this document is only a quite simple outline of the total concept but hopefully it shows you what the QMS can potentially do for us.

Many intricacies of the QMS system are still requiring development but as an overall concept and framework I believe it is our best option to manage the functions and requirements of a country so far, it also allows new concepts to be brought forth in service and favor or advantage of the people.

The biggest issue I have had so far is that people tend to get bogged down on details of policies rather than the overall big picture.

Perhaps different types of summaries and prospectus can be created so that in time everyone will have a chance to understand it.

At this stage it is about testing and demonstrating the system, policy is for the people of Australia to decide and the whole reason we have created the system.

There is still much to do and tell in order to move forward with it, so we would love any assistance we can get in the overall development and marketing of the concept and final product, including funding.

 If you think it is something you or someone you know would be interested in developing and or being part of, please let us know.

There are many roles we still need to fill.

The more self-motivated, educated experienced diverse, dynamic and intelligent freethinking people we can have work on it the better the outcome for all.

The Club of Rome Greco-Roman based political systems we have used for the previous 2000 years have failed to properly provide for the people and have only served those who are seen as in power.

Continuing to do the same thing while expecting different results is the actual definition of insanity.

We want instead to have in place full power in an educated public who have all information available and are free to make their own choices and decisions.

The developers, the many people working on bringing forth the concept and I believe this to be our best plan forward from all that we have seen presented so far and as stated is now fully under development and construction at a software engineering stage.

It is complex and is currently a backend solution, we will build a front end to make it easier to use and operate prior to its final public release.

To bring this to the next level we now invite you and all Australians to provide feedback and input and look forward to finding the right people to bring the whole idea to life.


All rights reserved by Graham Turner of Ferntree Gully Victoria Australia Author and Intellectual Property Owner of this document, concept and all information relating to the Quantum Management System (QMS) Of the People, For the People, By the People and all associated websites and material the 4th of January 2021.



This material has been reproduced and communicated to you by or on behalf of Graham Turner in accordance with section 113P of the Copyright Act 1968 (Act).

The material in this communication may be subject to copyright under the Act.

Any further reproduction or communication of this material by you may be the subject of copyright protection under the Act.


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