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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the QMS a Political Party or organisation?

No, the QMS is not a Political Party or Organisation, We are not registered as a political party, nor as a business or corporation. We have no manifesto and we do not currently collect any monetary donations.

Who are you?

We are ordinary everyday men and women from all walks of life who are seeking real change in how things are done with our country. We come with various skills, talents, expertise and experience; and are all willing to give up our time and to offer our services to fulfilling the vision of the QMS and to return Australia back to the People.

Is it really possible to run the country without politicians?

Yes! By using the QMS Web-based Blockchain Management Tool this will enable the People to have their say and to vote on policies, procedures, guidelines, frameworks,  and terms of reference into existence without the need for government, parliaments, politicians and political parties.​

Will you overthrow the current government?

No, there is no intention to try to overthrow the government in any way whatsoever, the QMS could eventually replace them, the QMS does not support unlawful and unconstitutional acts.​

Is what you are doing legal and lawful?

Yes! Several Constitutional and law experts are working with us to ensure that everything we are doing is completely Constitutional and Lawful in Australia.​ Political expression is completely Legal and Lawful under the Constitution in Australia.

Will decisions be made without the input and Will of the People?

No, they will not! This is a system, Of the People, For the People and By the People. Decisions on policies, procedures, guidelines, frameworks and terms of reference, laws etc. cannot be made and enacted upon in isolation from the QMS system.

Nothing can or will be done without the consent, participation of, and Will of the People in this referendum-based system.

Who can propose new policy or changes to existing ones?

Anyone! Provided you are rightfully and lawfully living in Australia you can propose a new policy or changes to be made, provide input and advice, and participate in the process.

Who gets to vote on new policies or changes being brought in?

All people over the age of 18 who are lawful electors can vote. Any changes to the voting system, eligibility etc. shall be a matter for the Will of the People to bring forward once the QMS is in place.

How can we help make the QMS the preferred system of managing our country?

We need to run a peoples initiated referendum to implement the QMS.

Alternatively if 51% of all current registered voters to join with us, we can use this as an indication that it is by the Will of the People, by Tribal Lore, Natural Law, Common Law and the Constitution, that the current system of government should be replaced with the QMS as the preferred system or governance.​


Our Mission

To create a better way of managing our country without tyranny, politicians, corruption or the need for governance by a government, corporation or other organisation not of the people. 

Our Vision

To build a better world for everyone, Of the People, For the People, By the People

  • In Truth We Believe

  • In Life We Succeed

  • In Love We Excel

  • In Peace We Proceed

  • In Compassion We Lead

  • In Unity We Conquer

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