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Do have some of your time, effort, or expertise to offer to the QMS?  Maybe you have some equipment or physical resources that you can loan altruistically to help us with events and activities? Maybe you can directly fund things like printed materials and items for marches and rallies? Maybe you can offer space for use, or something else we've not even thought about? Whatever you feel you can offer there is something here for you to do! And we need an army of volunteers to help us with lots of things right now.

If you are interested in anything listed, please get in touch by and let us know what you would like to contribute to, at:

Call for General Volunteers

There are all sorts of Volunteers roles available right now. And depending on your motivations, talents and time there could be something there for you!

Practical activities such as letterbox drops, attendance at 'Stand in the Park' events, attendance at rallies and marches, to sharing social media far and wide, to being a public speaker at events and shopping centres.

Then there's the need for meeting facilitators/chairpersons as well as minute takers. And dedicated folks to find Focus Team participants, and potential philanthropists. 

You may want to find and coordinate a team and therefore become a Volunteer Coordinator. And if you are highly specialized and want to coordinate a resource, then you might find working with the website, video or radio more your thing. 

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