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A message from the QMS Team

There has been a lot going on in the background with the QMS, we have been working towards establishing a full and lawful jurisdiction through the Tribal Nations of Australia with the help of Peoples Treaty and the Northern Alliance for the Tribal Nations.

We are also working with other groups including the Australia Project, Reclaim the Line, Common Law Earth, Cops for Truth and many more.

We have relationships with Riccardo Bosi (Australia One), Michael O'Neil (IMOP) and Rod Culleton (GAP) and are having discussions about the best way to move forward and create a better and fairer country for us all, we have invited them all to leave politics and combine their resources by joining us to build a better and transparent direct democracy system of for and by the people of this great land.

We are currently encouraging our membership to join with Peoples Treaty as well as the QMS so we can create full sovereignty on this land for every individual under their local tribe and eventually as a free Nation.

If you have contact with any Tribal Elders, Affluent or Influential People, please connect them with us so we can see if we can work together as Unity and Involvement are the keys to making our country great again.

The QMS Version 1.0 is now fully operational and only needs your engagement and input with new ideas and concepts for a better way forward in every structure and portfolio.

Please feel free to use our platform and to engage in the People's Voice to raise awareness of potential changes to or to create new policies to better run and manage our country.

Please join our member groups where you feel you have an alignment or can lend expertise so we can begin testing the system to its fullest capacity.

We have groups for Health, Education, Economy and Law as well as many more, you can create your own if you have or see something that needs developing or discussion.

The final vote on any policy will currently be held on the Democracy APP for which we hold the rights to for Australia and New Zealand.

Download the Democracy APP from our downloads page to enable you to vote and be a part of the final decision as to which policies may go into effect once the QMS has a full and lawful jurisdiction.

New template documents and training to free you from the old system will be available to our membership via the website soon.

We do hope you will engage and make possible a new and free country and eventually world by disengaging and removing your will from the current corporate and corrupt system and placing it in the QMS.

Stop living in fear as it is debilitating and is what the old system uses to control us, fear can not help you and will only keep you from creating anew.

Invite your friends and family to join us and lets create and build a better future for us all.

Together and in unity lets end all division and labelling and stand up and be counted.

Stop focusing on the problems and become part of the solution.

Now is the time for us all to stand in our truths and to create and build better and new options for all Australians, our families and our children.

Join us and do what you do best.

Thank you for your support and engagement and we look forward to a bright and new future together for all starting right now.

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