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Anyone is welcome to come and hear a presentation on Direct Democracy on the 30th August 2023

Join myself and others at the Red Olive, 191 Burgundy Street Heidelberg at 6.00 pm for dinner or just come to the presentation which begins at 7.00 pm sharp.

I will be speaking about direct democracy and how we the people can restore our voices and power over the governance of our own land, and how we can make politicians obsolete.

I will explain how a direct democracy works and how it could be lawfully and peacefully implemented, how it would operate and be maintained once implemented, and what the world could become if this is the way we choose to move forward.

Changing the world for the better is far easier than most people realise, that is, if enough people want the change and they have the tools to change it with.

Giving the people back the power over policy decisions in their own countries enables people to maintain their own cultures and laws and keep the proceeds of their hard work and experience.

Do you trust politicians?

Do you want change?

Do you want a voice?

Do you want see how we can all have a way to repair the trauma in inequalities created by the current system?

We hope to see you there.

This event is free and is open to anyone.

The only cost to you will be your dinner and drinks should you decide to dine there with us and your time.

Other venues, dates and times will be announced shortly.

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