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Just clearing up a couple of things.

We have had to remove Penny Johnstone from the Steering Team as she showed a distinct lack of integrity recently and has gone out of her way to create issues for the QMS and myself the Author.

She did not quit as she is telling people, she was told to leave by me.

She is attempting to damage mine and the QMS's integrity with ridiculous and unfounded statements and has gone as far as contacting people directly via text and messenger in an attempt at destroying the project and damaging my reputation, all whilst I have been sitting in FB jail and unable to defend her accusations.

She also contributed very little in the time she was involved and I had to spend too much time mediating between people that she had upset.

Penny was full of ego and was simply grandstanding and making herself out to be much more important to the project than she ever actually was.

We still have many people working on the QMS including myself, Madonna Santa, Tim Dwyer, Ross Newton, Matt Lawson as well as support from Wayne Glew, Mike Holt, Ed Gilbert and many many more.

The QMS system V1.0 is there and it is working.

Just as it will take many to make the system a success, it will also take many to make it fail.

I stand in my truth and my integrity is mine to damage or not, I have not done anything to damage my integrity, sadly that isn't always going to be true for everyone who comes along saying they wish to be part of it.

If you have any questions I am always happy to provide a truthful and direct answer, please feel free to ask me here or you can contact me via our chat.

When something as important as the QMS comes into being it is to be expected that many will try to bring it or myself down.

Thank you again for your engagement, support and understanding.

Graham Turner

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