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Latest update on the QMS.

We are undergoing some changes in our steering team and are bringing in more people to expand our administration base, audience and marketing as things have been moving very quickly lately as we have been unable to keep us with the demands of running the site and getting the message about the QMS out to a wider audience.

Due to stress, illness, some issues and differences in the direction the QMS needs to take, Graeme Jeffs and Caron Yardley are no longer going to be working on our steering team.

However the new steering team members are comprised of some highly intelligent people you will know along with some new faces, all have been fully vetted and are fully aligned with the direction the QMS needs to take and each is highly qualified and able to take the QMS to the next level.

Announcements will be made later this week and they will be in our team meeting on Saturday night so you can meet them and they can detail their roles within the QMS Team.

Stay tuned as there are some very exciting changes on the horizon.

We are currently seeking some philanthropists to finance the next stage of what we are doing.

If you have access to any philanthropists contact details please email them to and we will contact them to discuss what we need them to pay for.

We do not want or need people like Bill Gates, George Soros etc lol.

We do not ask our membership for money and are not about to start, yet to go to the next stage we will require some serious funding so if you know any rich people who may align with what we are doing please send them our way.

Please check out the volunteers pages if you have time and would like to be further involved in the QMS project.

We are always looking for people to join our teams as well as co-ordinators and resource procurement.

I will provide a fully detailed plan as soon as we can secure the correct financial assistance and have finalised a few more minor details.

As always we appreciate your input and participation in the QMS and look forward to a bright and free future with no more lies and corruption from the people we trust to run our country.

Thank you and don't forget to invite your friends and family to join us as members via the sign up link on our website at

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