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Now is the Time to Make a Change!!

Please all share this post everywhere.

Do you want change?

Do you want this to end?

Have you had enough yet?

Do you trust the government or any politician?

Complete the attached form and join us at the QMS, claim your sovereignty back by removing your will from those who are destroying our country and placing it into the QMS a working direct democracy blockchain based system for managing policy without the need for government or politicians.

We are not a political party, we have a tool that we can all use to replace the existing system that gives us our voice back and allows us to manage the country ourselves.

It is time to stand in your truth, to be the best version of yourself, to create better options for us all and to become the leader you should be in whatever it is that you do best or need to fulfil.

If you believe politicians, lawyers, celebrities or superheroes or anyone is coming to save you, then you are going to be very disappointed, even God only helps those who help themselves.

You need to stop waiting to be saved and step up and save yourself and as many people as you can bring with you.

We have the only peaceful, lawful and genuine way to restore the balance in our societies and country and to return the voice to the people, we only need you and everyone you can bring.

We can cut the strings of the puppet masters and begin to tell our own tale, but only if you are ready to change the narrative and stop waiting for a saviour to save you.

Stop being scared and focussing on all of the problems, stop waiting to be told what to do, it's now time to speak up and to create new solutions.

We have the platform that we can all unify under at

In Unity We Conquer !!!

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