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Politicians vs The QMS

By Graham Turner

Politics refers to policy making.

A politician is a public servant who designs and promotes policy which a group of them then implement if they have a consensus.

Policy under politicians is currently created to give them more power and wealth, policy is not created in the best interests of the people.

Politicians are well known to lie and take bribes.

Politicians do most things in private, whilst they expect the people to be public.

We lack transparency in our politicians and have lost our privacy to them in the name of so-called public safety.

These people are meant to be simply policy designers to benefit our families, wealth, protection and security, not our actual protectors or dictators, these jobs are for the police and our army.

We live in a free country.

Sadly, most people live pay cheque to pay cheque.

Yet these public servants make 3-4 times more than most people can in a year and also have many other privileges including expense accounts, staff, vehicles, access to international travel and all meals provided, all pay for by your tax.

Do we trust them?

Do we benefit because of them?

Are we safe?

Are we free?

Do they keep us healthy?

Is our taxation money well spent?

Where does it all go?

With a direct democracy system such as the QMS that is a digital policy making and voting tool based in the blockchain, that is open and available to all Australians, is transparent and secure, and unlike politicians incorruptible and not interested in money or power, do we still need politicians?

Please check out and read the QMS Proposal.

The Quantum Management System (the QMS) V1.0 is built and working and just waiting for the people to redesign the policies of our country.

We know how to implement it lawfully, safely, peacefully and securely as the first lawful system of governance in Australia.

Imagine how much money we could save by replacing our politicians with a digital platform that genuinely gives us a real say in the policy making decisions of our great land.

A Safe Digital Government of Transparency, Accountability and Security without any corruption.

Let’s build a better world for our children beginning now.

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