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Updated: Sep 14, 2021

We are getting a lot of traction with our QMS option and we have a peaceful and lawful way to give the people back our country.

Check out

We just need the people to join us so we can get our numbers up and then we can implement proper changes based in the will of the people.

I’m working with Graeme Jeffs, Wayne Glew, Tim Dwyer, Jacquie Dundee, Matt Lawson, HaKoRa, Jamie McIntyre, Dave Oneegs, Pete Evans, Leith Masters, Dick Yardley, Brian Shaw and many others to unify our movement and the country.

This is a genuine solution and it does not involve anything unlawful or violent.

I’d love to show you all what we are doing and how and if possible get some help with spreading the news.

We are also working with people to build a new media service that’s based on genuine truth.

Hope to see you in there soon.

We have a zoom meeting tonight at

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