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Signs that the QMS is the answer.

People often ask me how do I know that I am on the correct path with the QMS.

  1. Infiltrators or people with ego's or agenda's who come to me saying they wish to get involved, of course I can not know who they are they are at first and so they join the QMS and make out that they are important within it, they initially support myself and the concept. The truth is that they show themselves by talking it up in our meetings and yet doing very little to grow or improve the QMS and our influence, when they show their true colours or try to control or take it over and when they are removed they then set out to discredit myself the author and others we work with. We wouldn't attract the infiltrators if the QMS wasn't a threat to the elite or the politicians power base and jobs. Despite having been arrested and interviewed by police for several false allegations and telling them directly about what I am building and why and explaining why the allegations have been made, I have not been in any trouble for creating and promoting the QMS and the false allegations are normally dismissed as they are baseless. Whenever an infiltrator is removed new opportunities present that enable us to get a larger reach and audience to show the QMS to the people or a resource or something else the QMS needs is brought to me.

  2. Every day is an adventure (I tell this to my son all the time) and I wake up wondering what the creator will have in mind for me today, most days a new opportunity or challenge will present itself.

  3. We have people from around the world seeking us out to discuss the QMS and how it works, many can see that the current systems do not allow us to change the paradigm or narrative and that they are corrupt and failing, they are also seeking solutions to all of the issues we the people face.

  4. Radio and Television presenters (even some from MSM) have begun seeking me out to discuss the QMS on their shows.

  5. Many highly intelligent people including many social media influencers love the concept and plan and often admit that they know it is the best option and will work if we can get the numbers.

  6. I personally continue to learn and grow every single day and the path forward is clear and relatively simple.

  7. As Law and Politics continue to fail and people begin looking for alternative solutions, eventually finding the QMS. Our numbers continue to grow regardless as to any, what on the surface may appear to be set backs.

It has been and will continue to be an interesting and exciting journey for myself and many of those who have been involved or are just watching from the sidelines.

I stand firm in my truth and my belief that this is our only peaceful, lawful and so far the best way to proceed in building a new life and future for everybody in the country, maybe even one day the world.

I wish to thank everyone who is involved or is simply a member, at the very least we now all know that new options can be created and discussed and we can all have hope for a brighter future.

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