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Some unfortunate truths.

With relation to Brian Shaw's or any of the grand jury trials as have been discussed including at the rally yesterday, a large part of any jury trial is that the jury must be unbiased, if bias exists it will be deemed a mistrial, where will they find unbiased people for these jurys?

The constitution is a lie as are all law constructs beyond tribal and natural lore on this continent.

Sovereignty has not been lawfully established on this continent, therefor treason does not exist on this continent.

The current corporate legal system isn't the solution.

I often speak with politicians and other influencers and then they use my ideas to further their political platforms or public status, does anyone actually ever think of anything themselves?

So much bs in our movement it’s starting to look like the whole thing is controlled opposition.

There is only one right way forward and we genuinely have it, the rest all lead to our doom.

It’s time to stand with Dylan Wilson and myself. we are honestly doing this for us all and our kids, we don't care if people like us or what we have to say or not, it is the absolute truth.

There is no resolution in law or politics in these existing corrupt corporate systems.

It is way past time for us to create new and lawful solutions that will work.

People can be corrupted, our new systems need to hold integrity.

We truly need the QMS and the People’s Treaty soon or we are screwed.

This link shows what I mean.

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