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The QMS is getting ready to go on the road.

The QMS now has a bus, well I do anyway but I’ll use it to promote the QMS.

I’ve brought a 1957 Leyland World Master Royal Tiger bus to travel around Australia and to show everyone the QMS with, I plan to promote the QMS at shopping centres all over the country and will try to meet as many Indigenous Elders as possible to see if I can ask for and get their endorsement on the QMS over the next few years.

I plan to document my journey and the build with live videos and photos and will share regular updates on social media. The bus is 11.3m long and weighs over 8 tons, with a 680 horizontal Diesel engine and a pneumatic gearbox.

She needs some tlc yet will make a great home and vehicle to meet my living and the QMS’s promotional needs. I’ll also be towing a horse float behind it which I’ll use as an extra room, additional storage, workshop and garage.

Right now I’m looking for a good yet inexpensive diesel mechanic to help me get my bus road worthy and running properly for registration. Happy to pay cash and additionally or alternatively can trade and barter goods and services within my means, ownership and ability.

I’ll also need help with painting it and to get it sign written with the QMS logo and information about the advantages of living within a direct democracy. I have most of what I’ll need for the internal fit out as a motor home and have already started fitting it out.

She starts and runs and it’s a great solid vehicle for its age. I have many skills yet I’ll also need a qualified electrician who knows solar (I’ve got the parts and can build it myself, just need it certified, a plumber who can also certify the plumbing work and even a carpenter or cabinet maker to help with the internal fit out.

I’m hoping it won’t exceed my exceedingly small budget, if so I may need to ask for some assistance in the form of donations to get it finished, first I’ll try to do it all using my own finances.

So far I’ve put about $9.5k into the purchase and preparing for the build. I don’t like asking for funding, but getting word about the QMS out to the public has become imperative and although I’ve self funded it all so far, I don’t have much income coming in and don’t have much work atm. All donations and spending on the project will be completely transparent and if by chance there is anything left over it will be donated to indigenous people and children's charities. I’ve just about sold all of my assets to get this far.

I’m located in the northern suburbs of Melbourne Victoria. Time is of the essence as I’m already getting a hard time from the council and neighbours, I’ve only had it for a few weeks. Sadly people around here just can’t mind their own business and have too much time on their hands.

Any help, donations or referrals would be very welcome and genuinely appreciated. Please PM me if you are able to help or recommend anyone.

Prior to picking it up.

A little break down with Victoria's finest doing traffic management.

After washing the sides, the roof is yet to be done.

Shes pretty basic, no heater, no air conditioning, no stereo. Yet she runs.

I had to remove the old bunk beds and so I repurposed them in order to build a queen sized bed for myself.

From the bedroom looking forward

She;s 11.3m long and has a 680 Cubic Inch Horizontal Diesel Engine

The bed is done, just needs a mattress.

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