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What is the best way forward?

Having looked into law and political solutions and accepted that there is no remedy there, we need to seek a safe, lawful and peaceful way to end this madness created by the elite, governments, large corporations and the media.

As I see it we do have a simple one in the QMS.

Step 1. Seek endorsement on the QMS from as many Tribal Elders as we can find.

The elders who have seen the system already have given verbal endorsements, we now have a document named the Peoples Declaration of Self Determination under the QMS, their names, tribe, signature and thumb print would provide this endorsement.

This would enable us to create the first lawful system of governance to have existed in our country since invasion and occupation.

Step 2. Raise funds to run a peoples initiated referendum.

This we have determined would be about $30 million and should be done independently of the QMS so as to keep the integrity of the system and those building it in check, it should be done by people who can be trusted and who can be held accountable.

The funds would be spent on a QMS prospectus detailing how it works and the advantages for the people in using it, bar coded referendum forms, envelopes and lock boxes for the return of the forms to newly appointed public officials.

Step 3. Run the referendum.

With approximately 15 million households and 18.9 million voting aged people this means that if we could mobilise 1 million people australia wide then this would only take maximum 2-3 days to hand deliver and another 2-3 days to collect.

The forms would be placed in envelopes and a lockbox and then returned to the appointed public officials who would then publicly count and gazette the results.

We can not use the postal service as this is insecure and could be considered sedition as it is a government service.

If more than 51% of the people vote in favour of the QMS then letters can be sent to the politicians, the governor general, the ADF and the Queen, if they are resistant and do not wish to step down then under international law and the constitution (which the politicians ignore anyway, yet the ADF is bound to operate under) then as it is the will of the people the Army can be mobilised to remove them and military trials can be run.

We can then send in forensic investigators and show the truth of the lies and corruption we have had to endure for a great many years and we as a nation can begin redesigning our countries policies to make it a people and not fiscally based society.

If less than 51% vote for it we can still lawfully create our own separate society and safely remove ourselves from the old system.

As our new society would be healthier, wealthier, self determining and free, people would transition to the new society from the old anyway as they saw the advantages of doing so.

People can always be corrupted, a blockchain based direct democracy system can not.

There is nothing unlawful in this solution and it is completely peaceful.

We need truth and transparency from our system of governance, this is a built in factor of the QMS.

Independent polling of the masses shows that 99.998% of people do not trust politicians or the current structure.

We can begin voting on what matters, policy, not politicians or political parties.

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