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You can now use the QMS website to raise policy and vote on it.

We now have a new section under the Get Involved tab named "Your Voice Polls and Voting" where you can raise topics for discussion and vote.

This is the first stage of the QMS process and we will be adding the others very soon.

You can make multiple answer polls or raise discussions on policy.

Please think about the wording very carefully as you want your suggestion to count.

If you need help with wording you can email us at and we will help you word it for the public.

Lets get the show on the road everyone, we will continue to develop the site and the QMS system concept and soon we will add the blockchain voting app aspect of what we are building.

Feel free to run some test Polls so we can test everything in the frontend on our website and make sure our systems are performing as expected.

Obviously until a referendum has been held and the QMS is implemented as the new system of governance the votes will hold no real weight, other than to show the discrepancies between what we the people want and what the current system gives us.

Currently you do not need to be a member to vote but you must reside in Australia and be over 18 years old to take part.

Invite your friends and family to join us as members, we need more numbers to make this all work so share what we are doing far and wide.

We the People are finally going to be getting our Voice and Country back with the QMS.

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