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3 Simple Steps to Freedom for more information.

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The Basic Plan;

1. Create a better system of governance (the QMS Direct Democracy) - DONE

2. Get it endorsed by as many indigenous tribal elders as possible - IN PROGRESS

3. Bring awareness to the new system (Network Marketing & QMS Bus Tour) - IN PROGRESS and Hold Peoples Initiated Referendum (Fundraising will be required for associated costs) - Costs, Fundraising and Date for Referendum to be advised on completion of step 2.


Gazette the result regardless of outcome!

If successful.

4. Send a letter so all politicians including the prime minister, premiers and state ministers, the governor general and the king stating what the people of the continent have chosen

5. Implement new system of direct democracy governance (Under the lawful constitution the army must act with the people)

6. Change the policies of the country to reflect the actual will of the people utilizing the new system of lawful governance

Are you sick of the lies, theft and corruption from our politicians?

There is a simple way forward that is lawful and peaceful.

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