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Law Options for Freedom Meeting 11/1/2022 Is there an Option Under the Law?

Featuring Ed Gilbert (Police For Freedom, Direct Democracy Advocate & Ex-Police Office), Graham Turner (The QMS Creator & Direct Democracy Advocate), Madonna Santa (Free Thinking Intellectual, Direct Democracy/QMS Advocate, Psychology & Behavioural Science Expert), Wayne Glew (Ex-Police Officer, Sworn Crown Officer & Constitutional Expert), Lyn Bennett (Velvet Underground, Common Law & the Constitution), Kent Brown (The Australia Project & Ex-Police Officer) & Scott Howe (Velvet Underground & Ex-ADF Military Corporal).

Apologies from Mike Hold (Common Law Expert) and Tim Dwyer (Speaker, Constitutional Expert, Legal Expert & Direct Democracy/QMS Advocate) as they could not attend.

This Discussion Group is to establish the following:

Does any Australian Police Force recognise and work under the Australian Constitution?

How do we bring the police back to work with and for the people?

Can an investigation into the breaches of law and the behaviours of our politicians be arranged with the police force?

Is there any remedy under any form of Australian law?

What can we the people do to free our country?

What jurisdiction can we operate under?

What will work and what will not work?

What are our lawful and peaceful options moving forward?

All statements in this zoom meeting are directly made by the person making the statement who is also directly responsible for their own statement, they do not necessarily reflect the views, ideas and opinions of others in the meeting.

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