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We now have a free homeschooling group and regular zoom meetings to assist children and parents.

Marieke de Laat a wonderful and highly motivated ex teacher has offered to host these meetings every weekday between 9am and 11am EST.

If you need advice or support as student or a homeschooling parent, whether with teaching plans, motivational assistance, advice or individual learning assistance please find a time in our events page and RSVP to join with Marieke and any others who may be seeking assistance in support, understanding or advice around the homeschooling way of life and education.

What a great way to have your children begin their homeschooling day.

Get assistance creating a fun and educational day or lesson for your child.

Get help with your maths or english, or any other educational requirement you as a student may have.

Connect with other parents and children, possibly even in your own area.

Share your experiences and concerns and learn ways we can all assist our children.

Private discussions and lessons can be organised and all teachers are welcome to engage and be involved in helping parents and students in the process of navigating homeschooling education and the journey that it brings with it.

Hover over the newsfeed button to locate our events page and join our Homeschooling Group and please help each other to create and develop better learning environments, systems and lifestyles for our children and with our children.

This has a potential to evolve into whatever we all may individually need and I encourage all homeschooling parents and children to become involved.

In Unity We Conquer.

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